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What are metric units of Area?

Square meter (or metre)

Area is length times width.

A square metre would be about the size of a teacherís desk. A square metre in area does not have to be a square. 

A single bed would also have the area of a square metre even though it is rectangular in shape. 

If a room has a wall three by five metres, the area of the wall would be 15 square metres. If a floor has a length of five metres and a width of  seven metres, the area would be 30 square metres.

Smaller Areas:

One unit for a smaller area is the square decimetre. 

A compact disc has an area of about one square decimetre even though a compact disc is round.

A square centimetre is about the area of a thumbnail.

A square millimetre is about the area of  the writing end of a ball point pen.


Larger Areas:

An area 100 metres by 100 metres would be a hectare, or 10,000 square metres. That is an area the size of two football fields placed side by side. If one were to take 10 football fields and place them end to end along one side of a square and place 20 football fields side by side along the other side of a square, the total area enclosed by the 200 football fields would be about one square kilometre.

There are 100 hectares in a square kilometre.


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