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What are metric units of length?


A kilometer or kilometre (in most English-speaking countries) is a distance and should be pronounced the way other units for distance are pronounced with the accent on the FIRST syllable.

A distance 1,000 meters long is three times the height https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/betting-sites of the Sears Tower (or the Eiffel Tower), or 60 railroad cars or 500 basketball players laid end to end (although they probably wouldn't like it very much )

In Chicago, one could walk from the Art Institute to the Field Museum to go a kilometer or travel 500 house numbers or 10 city blocks in Chicago

The symbol K stands for a temperature Kelvin not a distance, and a symbol such as K 5 is used in chemistry, not geography. A 5K race would be a race at 5 degrees Kelvin, which would be PRETTY COLD

A square kilometer would take up a square area 11 football fields on a side by 22 football fields on the other side and contain 1,000,000 m 2 or area, or 1 km 2


Typical Kilometer (KIL'-oh-met-er) Distances:

One kilometer would also be 500 basketball players laid end to end, but they probably wouldn't like it very much bettingsiteonline.co.tz/betting-sites>.

bulletOne kilometer (accent the first syllable) is about three Eiffel Towers, or
bulletthe length of 60 railroad cars, or
bulletthe length of 11 football fields.
bulletA kilometer (or kilometre in most English-speaking countries) is also the distance from the Art Institute to the Field Museum, or
bulletabout 10 city blocks (500 street numbers) in Chicago).

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Typical One Meter heights:
bulletOne meter is about
bulletthe height of a doorknob, or
bulleta typical ten year old www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/betting-sites.

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Typical Two Meter Heights:
bulletmost doors are about two meters high.
bulletmany basketball players, including Dennis Rodman are two meters high

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Typical Three Meter Heights:
bulleta typical one story building is three meters high.


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Typical Longer Lengths:

bulletA tennis court is about 24 meters long,
bulleta railroad car or tractor trailer rig is about 16 meters long.
bulletThe Eiffel Tower is about 300 meters high,
bulletthe Sears Tower is bit higher (around 315 meters).


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Typical 5-kilometer distances:

bulletA 5 km race would be the length of 15 Sears or Eiffel Towers, or
bullet300 railroad cars, or
bullet55 football fields, or
bullet210 tennis courts.

The distance of 5 km in Chicago would be

If one ran 5 km south, that distance would take one from Madison Street to about 31st Street

bullet2500 street numbers or
bullet(50 city blocks) or
bulletthe distance from State Street to Western Avenue or
bulletfrom Madison to Fullerton Avenue.


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Typical 20 km Distances

A 20 km distance in Chicago would be

20 football fields.
bullet10,000 street numbers or the distance from Madison Street to 100th street.
bulletThis is also the height of 60 Sears Towers, or
bullet1,200 railroad cars (a pretty long train!) or


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Typical 40 km distances: (marathon race)

What if we consider street distances? If one ran from Madison Street in Chicago to a bit past Chicago State University (100th street) and then back again, this would be the equivalent distance of running a marathon such as the Chicago marathon (40 kilometers).

bullet120 Sears Towers, or
bullet2,400 railroad cars, or
bullet440 football fields, or
bullet20,000 basketball players (or perhaps
bullet40,000 ten-year-old children!)



The symbols (not abbreviations) for SI units are the same all over the world, regardless of the local language spoken.